Our Process

Lillestol Research is dedicated entirely to clinical research, which means your sponsor will receive specialized expertise and careful attention to detail for your clinical trial. We maintain an average workload of 40+ clinical trials at any given time.

What We Offer

  • Robust research patient database (21,000+)
  • Concentrated, consistent marketing efforts
  • Facebook page with 2,500+ followers
  • Fast study startups and closeouts
  • Excellent enrollment metrics
  • Clean data, ethical practice
  • Detailed paperwork and source document preparation
  • Excellent patient retention rates
  • Timely delivery

With 30 years of clinical research experience, Lillestol Research has perfected the study process. Consider us if you are on a tight timeline; Kimberly Peterson can help you get your study up and running within two weeks. Kimberly will also be your primary point of contact until the study begins, at which time you will be assigned a dedicated study coordinator who will then serve as your site representative.

Here’s a Quick Overview of Our Process

  • Trial feasibility and protocol evaluation
  • Site qualification or selection visit
  • Site selection
  • Selection of your dedicated study team
    • Principal investigator
    • Sub-investigator
    • Study coordinator
    • Back-up study coordinator
    • Others, as applicable
  • Contract negotiations and budgeting
    • Kimberly, our in-house attorney, ensures quick turnaround
  • Regulatory document preparation
  • Central IRB submission
  • Site approval to begin enrollment

Throughout the feasibility process, your Lillestol Research team will provide honest feedback and candor regarding the potential for enrollment success at our site and study-wide. At this stage of trial acquisition, this type of feedback can be invaluable in recognizing opportunities for change and amendment prior to the initiation of the trial to ensure its success.

Prompt Startup

Upon selection of Lillestol Research as a site for your clinical trial, you can count on us for prompt communication and study startup activities. Kimberly Peterson will be your main point of contact and has many years of experience in clinical trial budgeting and contract negotiation, as well as preparation of initial regulatory documents and IRB submission. During the study startup phase, your site trial team will be assigned, including the study coordinator, as well as any backups and other needed staff. Their training on the protocol will begin immediately after trial assignment.

Site Initiation Visit

After all startup activities have been addressed and completed, your Lillestol Research contact will be your study coordinator. We will ensure that all site personnel and trial materials are available and prepared for the site initiation visit. Upon approval to begin enrollment, our site trial team will be ready to hit the ground running.

Trial Marketing

Our Director of Marketing, Andrea, will assess opportunities to market the trial to our research patient database, as well as the local community through sponsor and IRB-approved letters, television and/or radio advertising, and social media. Throughout the duration of the trial, she will continually monitor enrollment success and look for new opportunities to meet our enrollment objectives. Our goal is to screen the first patient at our site within days of the site initiation visit.

Compassionate Patient Care

From the first to the last patient enrolled in the trial, each patient will be provided with all necessary trial information and education to ensure commitment and retention success. Our patients are treated to the highest standards of compassionate patient care with an emphasis on open communication. It is this dedication to a pleasant and comforting trial experience that keeps our patients coming back. We strive to make every patient visit to Lillestol Research an absolute pleasure.

Detailed Data Capture

Data from Lillestol Research will be delivered within and likely before any study entry timelines or deadlines. Several of our study coordinators have a multitude of years of experience in electronic data capture, and they focus the vast majority of their workload to quality and detail in data entry. Queries are resolved promptly upon receipt.

Trial Closeout

Upon completion of all patient activity at our site, the trial will be moved to awaiting closeout status. We encourage a site closeout visit as soon as possible after study completion.  We are committed to be adequately prepared for an easy and organized closeout visit. All queries and patient entries will be signed off immediately upon approval to do so and/or prior to data lock. Once approved by the sponsor, the trial documents will be cataloged, filed, and boxed for delivery to our privately-owned, temperature-controlled long-term storage facility wherein they can be easily accessed at a later time if needed.